“A dreamlike experience.”

Simply put, my wedding would’ve fallen apart without Myya Carson Events. My husband and I got engaged in early May and planned to be married in October of the same year. I’m one of those girls who likes to think she can do everything herself, even plan a wedding with 200+ guests in just five months. I was wrong.

I knew Myya through church, and when she offered to help us plan our wedding, I was mostly excited about having another girl around to talk about weddings with. I never thought I’d actually NEED her as much as I did. My initial realization of that came after our first planning meeting. If you’re engaged or have been married, you may have experienced wedding nightmares… it’s your wedding day and your hair and makeup people don’t show up. It’s the end of your reception and you have no recollection of the entire day. Your dress is missing. Your bridesmaids are nowhere to be found. I had these nightmares at least 3 times a week. After my first planning meeting with Myya, I never had those dreams again.

Myya was so helpful in the months leading up to the wedding. She was at my apartment weekly helping with all the DIY decorations. She met me at every venue meeting and every dress fitting. She was constantly sending me encouraging messages and doing sweet, unexpected things for me. She was my MOH without the title. 

Wedding weekend is such a fun but insanely busy time. The alterations on my dress were finished just two days before the wedding. I was busy entertaining out of town guests and had no time to pick it up. Myya picked up and delivered my dress and ensured that everything about it was perfect. Myya and her assistant, Brittany, conducted a smooth and enjoyable rehearsal. Our whole wedding party was commenting on their professionalism and talent.

The true value of Myya Carson Events was revealed on the wedding day. My bridesmaids and I arrived to the venue late. We were met by an energized Myya who had already been on site for over an hour getting everything ready. I was able to go directly to the Bridal Suite and enjoy mimosas with my bridal party while getting our hair and makeup done. Because of Myya and Brittany, I was able to enjoy the morning of my wedding, completely unaware of all the last minute action going on in the rest of the venue. They carried out my vision for each portion of the day… the ceremony, the cocktail hour, the reception… exactly as I’d imagined and planned for it. 

They were invaluable at getting everyone where they needed to be when they needed to be there. I had one wedding guest comment, “That was the prettiest and best orchestrated wedding I’ve ever attended.” I know I’m biased, but I couldn’t agree more!

The guests loved Myya and Brittany. We love Myya and Brittany. They went above and beyond to deliver the wedding of our dreams. We could not be happier.


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